On-site upgrade

In these instructions we will show you how to upgrade your tinyPM 3.x instance.

Step 1 - back up your database

mysqldump -u root -p --database tinypm3 > tinypm3.sql

Step 2 - deploy new version of tinyPM

Let's download and deploy tinyPM http://www.tinypm.com/download as an exploded war in your TOMCAT_DIR/webapps directory.

1. First, we have to stop Tomcat server.

2. Now, let's back up tinypm-onsite.properties. This is the configuration file you edited when you originally installed tinyPM.


Copy tinypm-onsite.properties file to a directory located outside of TOMCAT_DIR.

3. Let's remove the old version from TOMCAT_DIR/webapps/tinypm/. Delete all files and directories under TOMCAT_DIR/webapps/tinypm/.

4. Now we will unzip new tinypm-3.x-onsite.war to the directory TOMCAT_DIR/webapps/tinypm

Webapps directory structure should look like this:


5. Replace TOMCAT_DIR/webapps/tinypm/WEB-INF/classes/tinypm-onsite.properties with the copied tinypm-onsite.properties file.

Step 3 - update database

1. For this we will execute update script:

mysql -u root -p tinypm3 < TOMCAT_DIR/webapps/tinypm/WEB-INF/sql-on-site/update_3.1.x.sql

Step 4 - run tinyPM

Start your Tomcat server.

Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/tinypm and login as usual.

Congratulations! Your tinyPM is up and running!